USANKF National Qualifier 2019 

Free Katas seminars on Saturday, May 5, 2018 for all register participants.


Beginners - White, Yellow, Orange

Novice - Green,Purple, Blue

Advance (Brown) - Red, Brown

Black belts

WKF/NKF rules for katas and kumite. Must have approved protecting gear. Head gear optional. Only one patch allowed in the uniform. White karate gi only. Red and Blue belts and WKF or NKF approved hands and food gear.

Beg/Novice will have separate division for kata and kumite. Can only perform Kihon katas. Kata can be repeat in all rounds.

Intermediate division can perform any kata. Kata can be repeated in all round. Different kata must be performed for the medal round.

Advance  division have to perform a different kata in each round. No repetition is allowed.  

Team katas will be divided in Beg/Nov and Int/Adv. Can be gender and age mix.  Ages from 5 to 99.

Kata Challenge event................ Kata challenge is open to all advance and black belts men and female age 14 and up. Single elimination by flags. Participants must perform a different kata on each round. The base prize for this event is $150 plus custom award for the winner base on 8 participants. The prize will be increase $5.00 for each participant after 8 participants.The more participants the higher the prize.

As a NYTKL sanctioned event we use league divisions. This divisions are set by the league not the organizer.