Kobudo Divisions

Long and short weapons  separated divisions.

10 and under               Beg/Nov

10 and under               Int/Adv

11-13                               Beg/Nov

11-13                               Int/ Adv

14-17                               Beg/Nov

14-17                               Int/Adv

18-34                               Beg/Nov

18-34                               Int/Adv

35 and over                  Beg/Nov

35 and over                  Int/Adv    


More details coming soon

Individual Katas and Kumite Divisions

5 and under Boys/Girls  kata/kumite

6-7 Boys/Girls   Katas

6-7 Boys Kumite

6-7 Girls Kumite

8-9 Boys Kata/Kumite

8-9 Girls Kata/Kumite

10-11 Boys Kata/ Kumite

10-11 Girls Kata/Kumite

12-13 Boys Kata/Kumite

12-13 Girls Katas/kumite

14-15 Boys Katas/ Kumite

14-15 Girls Katas/Kumite

16-17 Boys Katas/Kumite

16-17 Girls Katas/Kumite

18-34 Males Kata/Kumite

18-34 Female katas/Kumite


18-34 Elite Kata /Kumite male

18-34 Elite kata /Kumite Female


35-44 Male Kata/ Kumite

35-44 Female Kata/ Kumite


45-54 Male Kata/kumit

45-54 Female Katas/ kumit

55- over Male-Female katas

55- over Male Kumite

55- over Female Kumite

Team Events

13 and Under     Beg/Nov       Mix Team

13 and under      Int/Adv          Mix Team

14-17                      Beg/Nov       Mix Team

14-17                      Int/Adv          Male/Females ( no mix)

18-34                      Beg/Nov       Mix Team

18-34                      Int/Adv          Male/Female (No mix) Must perform Bunkai

35- up                      Beg/Nov/Int/Adv     Mix Team

Free Katas seminars on Saturday, May 6, 2017 for all register participants.



USANKF National Qualifier 

The number 1 karate event in Philadelphia.

New for 2018-Black Belt Kata Challenge (black belts age 14 and up).

Beginners - White, Yellow, Orange

Novice - Green,Purple, Blue

Intermediate - Red, Brown

Advance - Black belts

WKF/NKF rules for katas and kumite. Must have approved protecting gear. Head gear optional. Only one patch allowed in the uniform. White karate gi only. Red and Blue belts and WKF or NKF approved hands and food gear.

Beg/Novice will have separate division for kata and kumite. Can only perform Kihon katas. Kata can be repeat in all rounds.

Intermediate division can perform any kata. Kata can be repeated in all round. Different kata must be performed for the medal round.

Advance  division have to perform a different kata in each round. No repetition is allowed.  

Team katas will be divided in Beg/Nov and Int/Adv. Can be gender and age mix.  Ages from 5 to 99.

Kobudo will be divided into Beg/Nov, Int and Adv. Two divisions long and short Kobudo. Competitor can register for more than one kobudo division. Division will be point base scored.