USANKF National Qualifier 

The number 1 karate event in Philadelphia.

Male and Female divisions are separated.

Rank Divisions

  1. Beginners (White to Orange)
  2. Novice (Green to Blue)
  3. Advance (Red to Brown)
  4. Black Belts

Age Divisions

  1. Under 5
  2. 6-7
  3. 8-9
  4. 10-11
  5. 12-13
  6. 14-15
  7. 16-17
  8. 18-34
  9. 34-44
  10. 45 and up


This division is open to all martial arts styles including Kung Fu,Wushu,Kempo,Taekwondo, Tang So Do,Isshin Ryu, Hapkido, American karate, etc.

****Kata challenge Division is open to all advance and black belts men and female age 14 and up. Single elimination by flags. Participants must perform a different kata on each round. The base prize for this event is $150 plus custom award for the winner base on 8 participants. The prize will be increase $5.00 for each participant after 8 participants.The more participants the higher the prize.

Custom medals for 1st, 2nd and (2) 3rd.

Custom made Cups and Mountain bike for Grand Champions

Rules are similar to NASKA/AKA‚Äč

This event is not NASKA/AKA.

Events (All divisions are separated by age and gender

  1. Open/Creative Katas
  2. Traditional Katas
  3. Open/Creative Weapons 
  4. Traditional Weapons 
  5. Point Sparing
  6. Team Sparing (max 3 players per team)
  7. Team Demo (max of 10 players per team)
  8. ‚ÄčKata Challenge*** (Advance and black belts only. Age 14 and up. Japanese/Okinawan katas only