Championship Rings for 1st place in Kata and Kumite all ranks.

Custom made medals for 2nd and (2) 3rd place all ranks

Grand Champion 18-34 Men Open Weigh Division only Kumite.

Custom Award and cash prize.

Grand Champion Katas 18-34 Custom Award and cash prize.

​First 150 register competitors will get an event sport bag full of goodies.

Full contact karate 18-34 male Open Weight Only. Cash prize (Must be 8 or more Competitors for cash prize)

​More details coming soon.

Cash Prizes and Awards.


update March 7, 2018

Thanks to our sponsor MARS inc. the cash prize awards will be updated to reflect the new total on April 7. 

Custom Medals for First, Second and (2) Third place in all divisions.

Awards and Cash Prizes

Open/Free Style Karate

Awards and Cash Prizes



USANKF National Qualifier 

The number 1 karate event in Philadelphia.

USA Philadelphia Open and National Qualifier 2018

​Cash Prizes award for Team Katas and Team Kumite Elite

more details coming soon.

1st place custom medals

2nd and (2) 3rd place custom medals.

Black Belts Prizes.

  • 18-34 Male/Female katas    Cash plus custom made award.
  • 18-34 Open weight male Kumite  Cash plus custom made award.
  • 14-17 Male/Female Katas     Cash plus custom made award.
  • 13 and under Male/Female Katas  Cash plus custom made award.

Under Belts Prizes

  • 14-17 Male/Female katas Mountain bike.
  • 13 and under Male/Female katas Mountain bike.​